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Welcome to our Website

Created out of the inspiration and concept ”for improved quality of life” and established  since 2001 as Fiqol Concept Ltd in Jamaica.  Fiqol Concept Partnerships Ltd (fCPL) was registered Trinidad & Tobago in 2007.  We are a disruptive and innovative driven Construction Engineering and Resource Management Company that operates primarily through performance partnerships models with specialty contractors.

Services We Offer

We are pleased to provide top of the line Construction management services.  Our focus is to ensure Contractors are more succesful and clients get the value they deserve.

Project Consultancy

Project management advisory services and solutions utilising a lean construction management approach for project owners.

Construction Management

Driven by Lean methodologies, we Provide Integrated construction management services resourced by Trade / Specialist contractors.

Training & Development

Up-skilling of construction trades and professionals by way of hands-on training and our certification of practice program.

Construction Engineering

Providing technical field engineering services including process improvements solutions though out the construction project life cycle.

Project Support Services

Providing project recovery and other technical support services to project teams to ensure project success.

Outsourcing Services

We provide managed workforce solutions, staff augmentation and outsourcing for your construction project needs. 

Resource Management

Engineering, estimating, managing resources and scheduling are the fundamentals. This platform provides construction engineering and management.

Productivity Management

This platform focuses on the implementation of Lean systems that improves productivity for example the Last Planner System, Lean 5S and Visual management systems.

Supply Chain Management

Building a better supply chain is our best chance to create sustainability. This platform is design to collaborate and build integrated teams.

Changing The Way We Build.

Creating more Value and Sustainability

At Fiqol Concept Partnership Ltd (fCPL) our quest is to change the way we build projects, creating  opportunities to improve continuously and the build a sustainable industry through the application of Lean Construction practices from the bottom up. Our way of work is designed to reduce waste, reduce time, improve quality, safety and add value to construction projects. 

Our operation is built on relationships of trust and driven by partnerships with project owners, trade contractors, design teams, the construction worker and suppliers.

Engaging people with respect, enjoying what we do and, exceeding our project owners/end users expectation are at the heartbeat of our organization.

Ask about our EASI Score 10 Project Health Assessment program.


Building Collaborative Construction Partnerships

fCPL operates as a Project Management Partnership Platform that provides an integrated project delivery approach for Clients, Specialist Contractors, General Contractors, the Design Team, the Construction Worker and Suppliers of goods & services to the Construction Industry.

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