Given all that you have heard and glean about Lean so far you have identified that Lean offers a way of improving your organisation and your life. However, implementing Lean is much easier said than done. So, hiring a Lean Consultant may bring greater success.

The article attach is a guide for implementing lean practices in your organization and in particular how to select and work with a Lean consultant.  Implementing Lean approach to how you do things can in you organization a range of benefits. These benefits are likely to be in terms of:

  • reducing operating costs through the minimisation of non-value adding activities
  • winning a higher proportion of bids through a better understanding of what represents value to the client and focusing on it
  • being able to deliver the project more quickly with a more consistent work flow
  • at a lower cost having reduced the amount of waste
  • with less labour on site
  • a lower degree of risk and a safer environment
  • producing the right quality product
  • establishing a culture that rigorously works to continuously improve the performance of the business.

Even if you are completely new to Lean or may be currently implementing it. In either case the guide advises that you be aware of where you currently stand on the journey to becoming a Lean organisation,

….Make some time and read this guide.

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