About Our Company

Our company is a construction project management entity which offers a full service construction resource management, production management and supply chain management systems for the construction industry and beyond.

We operate through a collaborative partnership platform driven by performance partnership agreements with specialty contractors.  Our collaborative partnership platform is modeled after the Lean Integrated Project Delivery Approach. This project delivery approach seeks to integrate clients, specialist contractors, general contractors, the design team, the construction trades and suppliers of goods & services to the construction Industry.


“To make construction enjoyable.”


Perpetually building people, creating successful projects.

Corporate Membership

FCPL recently became a corporate member of the Lean Construction Institute  having started our Lean Journey in October 2008.  As a part of our continuous improvement programme to fully adopt the adopt the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, we took the bold step to form a strategic project alliance group with the objective to initiate the first IPD project in Trinidad and Tobago with goal of reducing waste in the industry, lowering construction cost and building projects on-time.

What makes us different


Waste is anything that does not add value.  Studies have shown that about 70% of the activities performed in the construction industry are non-value add or waste.  Learning to see waste and teaching our team members to do so and take action to reduce them is one of our defining commitments that we practice daily.


It all starts and ends with value. The scope and employers requirement defines what is of value to the client. We are value driven and as such the our philosophy of our strategic partnership is based on Long-Term Thinking for a Short-Term World Systemize-Conquer Variability Develop our Trade Partners & work force.


The construction industry has seen an erosion of efficiency with limited improvement compared to other industries over the past 50 years.  Our Integrated / collaborative approach to projects focus on the elimination of waste and driving improved value to the process, at its base is continually improving in all we do daily.

“Collaborate, really Collaborate”

Traditional projects typically are managed by evaluating and optimizing individual tasks or small sets of work with a single idea or a few individual ideas of how best to perform the entirety of the work.

Collaborative teams are encouraged to evaluate the entirety of the value stream; map the process; consider the value of each step; and optimize the process through Value Stream Mapping.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is motivated by the commitment to build people so that we can build successful projects and develop talents perpetually.

At fCPL we do this by creating a culture of respect, empowering the construction trades, promoting continuous learning, collaborating with contractors and measure productivity, quality and safety everyday.

Our Company Brochure

Our Core Values