Natural disasters are, of course, disastrous. But they tend to come with a predicable silver lining: human kindness. …it helps us to move beyond the silos and collaborate with each other.

In this regards my thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered personal losses and even displacement from their homes due the flooding yesterday in both Trinidad & Tobago.

The practice of lean is still unfamiliar territory for most firms, but Lean construction may be the solution as resources becomes scarce and projects get more complex and owners demand better dialogue between stakeholders.


“Lean is looking at the entire value stream from the perspective of the owners, the users, and the occupants,” says Chris Gower, chief operating officer of Buildings at PCL. “It’s about being respectful of everybody’s position at each of the different stages.”

Toronto’s Humber River Hospital, completed in 2015 was built by PCL and, is an award-winning facility featuring fully integrated digital infrastructure, compliance with LEED, a natural people-friendly environment and floor layouts that support Lean workflows.

The concept was to create a hospital which was Lean, Green and Digital

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