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Pillare Benchmark 

Pillare Benchmark™ is a supply chain management platform designed to perpetually integrate the construction industry direct and indirect workforce with Specialty Contractors, Material Suppliers and other industry partners.

Introduction to Pillare Benchmark™

Studies of the construction industry have documented an industry with low productivity and efficiency. Typical problems that occur are lack of communications, and coordination leading to changes and alterations during the process. This again causes disputes, rising cost, delays and reduced performance and quality.

Project Partnering in Construction offers a solution. In recent times the creation of integrated project organizations and target pricing contracts through the practice of Lean Construction Management have been valued considerably higher by participants and client than traditional procurement methods and standard form of contracts.  fCPL is taking the lead in the Caribbean to offer this special service in collaboration with Lean Construction Professionals across the world as we all strive to improve our quality of life in this global village.

To this end fCPL is offering a membership programme called Pillare Benchmark™. Pillare Benchmark™ is a supply chain management platform designed to perpetually integrate the construction industry direct and indirect workforce with Specialty Contractors, Material Suppliers and other industry partners. The objective of the platform is to promote collaboration and partnering for the improvement of our quality of life through the medium of construction.


integrated Construction Network

Our Partnership Framework

Value Lead Partners


Partnering with the VLP
provides unlimited opportunity to collaborate, effect
change and improve on the way projects are executed.

Core Resource Partners


Core Resource Partners includes Trade/Specialist
contractors, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors,
Consultants, and vendors who sell, supply or
manufacture materials or equipment for the
construction industry.

Affiliate Resource Partners


an organization who
provides non construction goods and services
directly or indirectly to the construction industry. Members classified under this group are financial
institutions, real estate agents and all other non construction service providers.

Associate Resource Partners


an individual who provides professional services either directly or indirectly to the construction industry as an employee, freelance, consultant on a contracted

Pillare Benchmark™ Network


These partnerships are formalized through customized Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and or Agreements that are focused on giving more value to our customer/clients through the sharing knowledge /best practices, networking, referrals, training, selling our products on a single platform driven by Relationships, measured by Results and sustained by Rewards based on Lean Thinking and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).

Core Partners



Benefits of the program

Networking/Referral Opportunities:

Grow your business through networking and customized referral service with other construction industry partners and clients.


Post your profile/work on our website or have your website automatically linked increasing hits to your website.

Build your portfolio and share 

Construction Partnering:

Build projects using Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS), Last Planner System(LPS), FP2 Construction Delivery System  and other Best Practices offered by our other members.

Training & Development:

Access accredited industry specific training programs to help educate managers, employees, contractors, apprentices, and supervisors in the building and construction industry in Caribbean.

Certification Programme:

Participate in our unique evidence based Certificate of Practice Certification (COPC) programme. All project participants are issued an ID/Access card – WoneCard which makes each participant and their respective sponsor/partnering firm eligible for a COPC for each Standard Work Activity (SWA) performed on a six (6) week basis.

Document Management:

fCPL  provides access to a full range of commercial and domestic construction Contract documents and standard forms available at a discounted rate to members.

Customized Services:

fCPL also provides customized solutions for our members through non-exclusive agreements with our Expert Resource Partners tailored to suit your needs.

Knowledge Management:

 fCPL provides a one-stop database for information and publications on the construction industry through our members.

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