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A construction estimating, engineering and planning sytem which is driven by the a WBS approach resource modelling and production outputs interfaced with the latest construction techniques, practice and innovative methodologies. It is web base and data integrated.

Safety Management

SCORE™ is a safety practice, training and rewards programme which is driven by a points system. It encompasses hygiene/dress code practices, toolbox talks, a safety dollar-a-day bucks programme  and safety  certification training programme.


A web base data visualization dashboard reporting system which tracks KPIs and selected metrics relevant to a project, business, department, or specific process. – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. or as required. Designed on a Excel platform, it is easily customizable.


A quality assurance and quality control management system that is designed to achieve the highest quality in the constructed product through the ZERO punch-list approach concept. With SureCheck prototyping is mandatory, this reduces defects, lowers cost and time.

Phased Work Package system

A construction field management system designed to improve coordination and flow of construction works. With this system, all works executed in packages on a phased (6 weeks/phase) basis. All deliverables in each packages are timebound and pre-measured.

BISER System

The BISER  program is a project delivery system that uses a modified Integrated Project Delivery approach to conceptualize, design, construct and maintain small projects.  Ideal for Projects that are less than 1 year in duration.

Time and Attendance

JobTrac™ Time card system is a simple and cost effective time card system where the construction worker carries with him a 4×6 waterproof time card with him at all times which his supervisor updates at least twice daily whilst documenting the same info in his (supervisor’s) time book.

Pillare Benchmark™

A supply chain partnership platform designed to perpetually integrate the construction industry direct workforce (Construction Trades & Professionals) with Specialty Contractors, Material Suppliers, Project Owners/Clients and other industry partners through a membership programme.

PentaLink™ Last Planner® System

An alternative collaborative method of Project Planning to the CPM. It is a planning, monitoring and production control system that follows Lean construction principles such as Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery, value stream mapping (VSM) and pull planning.

Alltrades Certification

A construction certification programme based on practice, designed for the empowerment of the worker and brand awareness of the employer. The certificates of practice are based on measured performance and issued every six (6) weeks.

IMOW™ Centre

A web based training and development portal for all construction artisans. A repository for journaling, blogs, newsletters and other construction publications including construction cost data. The IMOW™ Centre promotes an interactive learning environment

Vissual Construction system

A communication system that utilizes five (5) integrating visual tools in the construction workspaces to increase productivity reduce defects and improve communication in the field. The five visual tools are: 5S, A3 Methodology, White boards, Visual Control boards and Charts.

Our OBSS Operating System

The OBSS platform represents the first of our four platforms which drives/manages time, standards, knowledge, KPI and data form the three services platforms.  This systematic approach provides an integrated project delivery approach for Clients, Specialist Contractors, General Contractors, the Design Team, the Construction Worker and Suppliers of goods  and services to the Construction Industry.


Given the challenges with the traditional approach to design and construction process and the current trend of Design-Build projects, FCPL developed the Pentaphase Project Delivery System.

The Pentaphase PDS is a five(5) stage approach which is non-linear and cyclic. This approach provides two key benefits among many:

  1. It promotes lessons learn during the life of the project and not at the end.
  2. It reduces RFI and claims with the application of the Last Planner System and the Big Room concept for design coordination.

Finally, like any other project delivery system Pentaphase PDS is driven by four critical resources:

Key Performance Metrics

Measurement of progress and people performance is one of FCPL’s commitment purpose to the industry. In accordance with FCPL’s mantra of measuring quality, production and time daily, we promote a culture of daily, weekly and monthly performance measurements on our projects and throughout our organization.

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